These are the most common cases we get every day! We use a ISO 5 Class 100 clean room facility along with the latest and advance tools and techniques that helps us to evaluate each case and rescue your data efficiently.

Everyone has one of these in their pocket and they are prone to damage. We support data recovery from all types of USB/Flash Drives. SanDisk and Kingston Technology are the leading manufacturers for USB flash drives.

Your system has crashed and we can save your important data! We support data recoveries of all types of hard drives and operating systems. Most common cases includes Virus attacks, Boot disk failure, OS Failure etc.

We have advanced data recovery techniques to rescue your lost files from all mobile devices. Each case is evaluated according to the mobile specifications. We are also supporting chip-off data recovery from major brands.

SATA drives are converted to USB drives through a bridge. Most drives have a built-in encryption feature for data security. Our lab fully supports data recovery from these all type of drives. Most common cases include Virus attacks etc.

If your business premises or your home has a DVR/CCTV system, we can assist in recovering the data. Should a problem occur and data be impossible to retrieve, we offer data recovery for DVR and CCTV.

We will not let your business suffer due to crashed enterprise storage systems. RMLD can help you restore your data so that your business is not affected. We support all server hard drives and operating systems.

Has your Apple Mac failed? No problem! Our engineers fully understand Mac OS and have mastered the techniques to recover your lost or deleted data from Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, iMac Pro and Mac Pro models.

About Us

Data Recovery Experts

If you have lost your data, you are in the right hands! We offer the most comprehensive range of data recovery services. Our technicians go through every possibility to rescue your lost data in an efficient and safe way. RMDL is Temecula's leading data recovery service provider. We are proud to serve customers all over the US. We have the latest tools and techniques to rescue your lost data. We support all types and makes of Hard Drives, SSD, External Drives, SCSI, RAID Arrays, SAS, NAS/SAN, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards and Smartphones. RMDL is owned by Creative IT USA Inc.

Apple Mac Data Recovery


Recover My Lost Data Recovery Services for several years to execute sensitive data recovery operations and with a clean-room facility our dedicated team of professionals can perform complex physical recoveries with no compromise on quality or efficiency.

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No Compromise On
Data Recovery

A decade experience combined with extensive R&D makes us the best. We have solved thousands of complex cases in past.

Labs Environment

Safety is one of the highest priorities within RMLD. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them. All recovery procedures are performed in our labs - we never outsource recovery procedures
and your media never leaves our company.

Research Program

Our researchers are developing advance tools and
techniques to make it easier to recover data in complicated cases.

Privacy & Security

We ensure a 100% safe and privacy protected data recovery process.