Western Digital External Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital External Drive Data Recovery

Data recovery from Western Digital (WD) portable external hard drives is our specialty. Our expert technical team has years of experience in dealing with cases of data loss on all Western Digital (WD) portable hard drives, whatever the model, including WD My Passport Go, My Passport Ultra, My Passport Ultra for Mac, My Passport, My Passport for Mac, My Passport Wireless Pro, My Passport X, WD Elements SE and WD Elements Portable.

Temecula Western Digital External Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts

So, if you are experiencing issues with your WD portable external hard drive, if you are unable to see or access the data it contains, if the drive isn’t recognised by the system, if the hard drive has suffered a knock or a fall and has been damaged, don’t delay. Contact Recover My Lost Data (RMLD) in Temecula immediately. Our advanced tools and equipment coupled with the high level of technical knowledge from our team of experts will allow us to make a fast and accurate evaluation of the fault and give you a solution to get your information back.

WD external hard drives, like any other hard drives, can be affected by a range of issues. We have experience in retrieving data from defective or dead WD external drives, whatever the issue. We deal with the following situations of lost data:

  • Hard drive damaged by excessive force
  • Hard drive corrupted or unreadable
  • Hard drive with intermittent performance
  • External hard drive not detected by a laptop
  • Hard drive not initialized
  • Hard drive failing to mount
  • Hard drive making a ticking noise
  • External hard drive with light on but not working
  • Firmware corruption on an external hard disk
  • Hard drive which have had a head impact or head crash
  • SATA bridge failure in an external hard drive

To discuss your Western Digital external hard drive data recovery or an issue with your Western Digital (WD) external portable hard drive, get in touch with Recover My Lost Data (RMLD). We are open Monday to Saturday and are able to assist immediately.