Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here. If you can’t find an answer of your questions, feel free to contact us.

It’s an important as well as tricky question. It’s hard to predict the exact time of delivery in advance. However, usually, we can deliver the media back within 2-5 business days. Still, there are lots of factors that influence the time of recovery, such as the reason of the damage, the extent of data loss, and the medium (i.e. a hard drive, tape, USB, etc.). No two cases are exactly the same. Therefore, it is hard to predict the actual time required for each case. Some cases of data recovery end within an hour; while some others may require a whole week.

If you really need the services to be offered within the shortest possible time, you can choose the emergency services. To avail emergency services, just fill up the online request form and our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. In emergency cases, the data may be recovered within a couple of hours or/and in a business day; it depend upon the volume of data that needs to be recovered.

To learn how much time your case will require, please call our representatives ASAP.

Without analyzing your media, it is impossible to exactly decipher how much money you’d have to pay. As mentioned earlier, no two cases of data recovery are the same. The price is calculated depending upon the time and effort any particular data recovery case takes. In fact, there are many cases which are solved in minutes while there are some others that require 2-5 business days. In some cases, we need to recover huge amounts of data working in night shifts and in the weekends and the prices in such cases automatically go higher than usual. However, we have handled some trivial cases in which the data recovery took only a few minutes and we didn’t charge anything for the operation; on the other hand there are some really complicated cases that require enough time and are costlier.

We believe in complete transparency and there are no hidden costs or charges associated with our services.

We also offer discounts to special groups of people, including the following:

  • Educational institutions, teachers, students
  • Computer repair shops
  • IT staff
  • NGOs
  • Medical institutions and hospitals
  • The Military

If you fall in any of these groups, please ask for a discount and we’ll be obliged to offer you one.

Although it may be more attractive to hear, companies offering flat fees cannot be genuine. Data Recovery and auto repair services are similar and in case of the latter, as you know, it won’t be possible to offer a flat fee. The car repair professional cannot offer you services on a flat fee simply because he won’t be able to tell you the requirements of your case-which parts he will need and how much time he would have to spend. Similarly, in case of data recovery, it is not quite possible to offer services on a flat fee without analyzing the exact needs.

If, for instance, your case needs only a little repair then the company would charge you more than required. On the other hand, if your case is complicated enough, then the company will have to incur a loss. That is why it is impossible to offer genuine services on a flat fee.

We pride ourselves here at DataRetrieval for doing everything in our power to recover your data so you can rest assured your media is in the right hands as far as data recovery is concerned.

However, it is never possible to assure that 100% of your data will be recovered, even when the best engineers are employed and the best equipment and technologies are used to retrieve data. Some data recovery cases are too complicated to be 100% successful. However, we understand how valuable the data is, so rest assured we will do everything we can to retrieve as much as possible.

The only wise option to have when you discover that you have lost data, is to stop using the medium any more. There are chances of further data loss if you continue using it. Although, data recovery professionals can try to back up the lost data, without having enough knowledge, it is better not to try this on your own. People have used the software that they had downloaded from a suspicious web site and the results have been totally negative. Moreover, many people have tried to restore the data by freezing the drives only to increase the loss of data. Therefore, it must be noted that the only useful trick to save further data loss when you have lost data is to immediately stop using the media from which data has lost. If you do so, and you bring the media to us, probably we will be able to help. However, if you have damaged the media by trying to recover all data, even we may be unable to help you recover the data that has been lost.

Very often, it is possible to recover data without voiding the warrantee. However, many complicated cases of data recovery require the warranty to be voided. In case you are concerned about your warranty, please call your representative about your concern before proceeding to actual data recovery.

In the special cases when we need to void the warranty, we offer a label and a written document telling that our engineers have voided the warrantee. Often, manufacturers honor the label and they allow the warrantee to continue.

In case you need to honor the warranty at any cost, please have a chat with our representatives on what to do to avoid voiding the warranty.

You can send your media to us by any of the following methods:

  • You can bring your media to any of our locations and leave it there.
  • You can also courier your media following strict safe handling and usage rules.
  • In case of emergency, we may go and pick up your media.

To know the best possible method please talk with your representative about dispatching your media.

Usually, No. You need not unmount your drive for data recovery. However, if you are a technician knowing the techniques of unmounting the drive, you can do it.

We usually require the hard drive to recover data. But, that doesn’t mean we handle the discs only. You can bring your system to us and we’ll get the drive out ourselves. You need not bother about whether the drive will be required or something else.

In case of laptops and some other devices, it is better if you send the whole system. If you try to get the drive out, you may damage the media more. So, it is always better to send the whole media.

There are quite a few options for this. It basically depends upon the type of media you sent us, the amount of data that has been recovered and your preferences

  • Purchase an external drive. If you wish you can buy an external hard drive and we will save the recovered data on it.
  • Give us your own external drive. If you wish, you can give us your external drive and get the recovered data saved in it.
  • We can record the data on a CD/DVD.In case of small amounts of data, we can record it in a CD/DVD and send it to you.

Whatever be your choice, you can rest assured that the confidentiality will be kept intact. Confidentiality is our top priority and we maintain it in all the cases. We follow strict guidelines to keep the confidentiality intact. In case of shipments and receipts, only the owner of the data can receive and sign for it. In case of e-mail, it is encrypted so that no third party can access the data.

Yes. It is possible to recover only one file or a few files. Data Recovery doesn’t mean that whole of the data stored in your media must be restored. However, it is notable that sometimes, the cost of data recovery of a single file may seem to be a little high due to the fact that for the recovery of that single file whole system may be required to be analyzed. It depends upon the type of file you are looking for. Moreover, it is also important on your part to check whether the file you want to recover can be re-created within short period of time. If you can create it in a few minutes or hours, you probably won’t need to recover it. So, it’s completely your choice.

With us, your privacy is a top most concern. We understand that the data you want to recover may be confidential enough to be shared. Therefore, we employ experienced engineers who understand the confidentiality clause of our company. We never hand over any portion of your data to a third party. Moreover, you can rest assured that the recovered data will be sent to only you.

We can also delete the recovered data immediately you tell us to do so, so that no one else can access the data. The files saved in our systems are only accessible to a few selected person and they are contracted with non disclosure clauses that warn of severe consequences once the rule is broken.

Therefore, you can securely and confidentially get the data recovered at RMLD.

You can read our confidentiality clause here.

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