DVR/CCTV Data Recovery


Solutions for CCTV and DVR data recovery in Temecula, CA

If you accidentally deleted or erased the video recordings, footage or images on CCTV or DVR camera hard drive or SD card, RMLD can help you. Finding a company that knows what to what to do when such an accident occurs is important. From our data recovery lab facility based in Temecula, California, we offer the fast recovery of all data. So, if you don’t have a backup or an extra copy of the lost CCTV/DVR videos or images, don’t worry. 

All recordings, videos and image files that CCTV or DVR camera captured are automatically saved to the hard drive or SD card. Therefore, when you deleted, erased or lost important video recordings on CCTV/DVR hard drive or SD card, you can still get them back by carrying a specialist data recovery procedure. 

Secure and confidential CCTV and DVR data recovery

RMLD has extensive knowledge in CCTV data recovery and DVR data recovery and offers services from failed, corrupted, faulty or damaged hard drives. Our CCTV hard disk data recovery services have been valuable to many organisations and companies that depend on their security equipment to provide round the clock security of their premises.

We can retrieve CCTV footage from a number of situations such as:

– hard drive failure 

– CCTV failure

– Accidentally formatted hard drive

– Corrupted hard drive

– Corrupt data or footage

– Virus attack

– Power surge

– Flood or fire damage

– Software corruption

– Head crash

– Hardware malfunction

– Physical damage

– Accidental drop

– Mechanical failure 

– Unintentionally deleted footage 

– Damage due to fire, heat and water

We have successfully recovered, restored and rescued lost and damaged data, images or footage from dead or defective closed-circuit television security camera hard drives. We offer solutions for just about all data loss situations.

The highest success rate in CCTV and DVR data recovery

To discuss the recovery of your CCTV or DVR, speak to RMLD technical team on (951) 595 – 8065 or submit your case through this website. Once the data storage has been received, one of our experienced data recovery technicians will assess the data loss situation and a detailed quote will be provided to you for your approval. Once approved, we will recover your data within a specific timeframe. We will always keep you informed with regard to the progress of the recovery of your data and the entire process is fully secure and confidential.